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CRB Electric, INC is conscious of the fact that employee safety is of paramount importance in the planning and operation of all facility activities. Safety is essential to employee welfare, morale and employee relations. With this in mind, CRB Electric, INC. has established a Comprehensive Safety Program within all departments and at all levels of activity.

Realizing that accident prevention requires the continuous effort and participation of employees, it is the fixed policy of CRB Electric, INC. that no part of our job is so important that we cannot take time to do it safely.

Emphasis will be on mutually finding ways to operate accident free, on time, and economically, and the success of our Safety Program depends on the safety and well being of employees and their families. Therefore, it is crucial that workplace hazards be identified, appropriately evaluated and effectively controlled.

The full support of all employees is essential to the effectiveness of our Safety Program. Each employee has an obligation to cooperate fully in the program by helping to protect themselves and fellow employees.

CRB Electric, INC is proud of our accident record of no OSHA recordable accidents since our company started business in May of 2005.